Here are some samples of recent projects. If you have a project idea in mind, please contact me and I will gladly create a prototype for you.

Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning
A brief explanation of some of Mayer's cognitive learning principles with tips for designing eLearning.
Breastfeeding Course Sample_
This is a short version of a an ADA course I built for a local govt. agency.
Captivate Template
This is a course template I created in Adobe Captivate. The goal was to have a consistent look and feel across all modules.
Behavioral Interview Sample
This is a scenario pulled from a course I created for HR training on hiring. This lesson was about interview questions.
ADDIE—What is it?
Here is a short project I created that introduces the basics of the ADDIE instructional design process.
Linear Equations
This test prep course has lots of tricky quiz interactions.
Style Guide Sample
Here is a generic sample of a typical style guide I created for a client project.
Food Handler Safety
Here is a sample of a customized quiz I created in Storyline that includes feedback, scoring, and results.
Lightbox Sample
The example uses the lightbox feature in Articulate Storyline.
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